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Celebrating Two Decades of Inglenook Tile: A Look at Our Past and a Glimpse into the Future

Julie Good-Kruger
Owner & Co-Founder

🌟 Celebrating 20 Years of Artistry and Innovation

Looking back over the last two decades, we're filled with pride over the evolution of Inglenook Tile Design. What began as a small, passionate venture has become a renowned brand in the world of brick tile manufacturing. Our dedication to producing top-quality, handcrafted tiles has only deepened. This year, we're marking our anniversary with an energetic company facelift and the exciting expansion of our team and services. As we celebrate this milestone, we also look back at our most memorable projects and partnerships that have defined our journey. From historic restorations to modern installations, our tiles have adorned countless homes and businesses, each project adding to our rich tapestry of achievements. This celebration isn't just about looking back, but also forging new paths and embracing innovative techniques that will set the stage for the next 20 years of excellence in tile craftsmanship.

📖 Our Journey So Far

The seeds for Inglenook Tile Design were sown during a renovation of our historic home. We needed a fitting flooring solution for our expansive entry hall but found that traditional bricks were too bulky, and the available thin bricks lacked authenticity. Leveraging my two decades of expertise as a sculptor and designer, I crafted the ideal tiles myself. The project was so well-received that requests from visitors soon turned into a business opportunity. Together with my daughter Emily, we formed our LLC and made our debut at our first historic home trade show in 2004. As a proud women-owned and operated business, we continue to offer custom-made, handcrafted tiles that celebrate the spirit of American craftsmanship. Our growth has been fueled by a relentless pursuit of innovation and a deep respect for the traditional methods that define our craft. Each tile is not just a piece of material but a story of heritage, meticulously shaped by the hands of skilled artisans. Our journey from a small workshop to a leader in the tile industry reflects our commitment to quality and the trust our clients place in us, driving us forward into new creative realms.

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We invite you to follow us on our YouTube channel, Inglenook Tile Design, where we share our passion for tile craftsmanship. Our channel features everything from our origin story to detailed explorations of our unique tile collections. Discover the artistry and quality that go into each piece. Subscribe to stay updated on all our latest projects and insights. On our channel, you'll find a variety of content including behind-the-scenes looks at our tile-making process, and expert tips on tile installation and maintenance. Each video is crafted to inspire and inform you about the beauty of well-made tiles. We hope our YouTube channel becomes a valuable resource for you, offering insights and inspiration that help bring your creative visions to life.

As we embark on this new chapter, we extend our deepest gratitude to you, our valued customers. Your continued support and enthusiasm for our products inspire us every day. Here’s to many more years of innovation, craftsmanship, and creating beautiful tiles that enhance every space they grace.

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