Our Story

We created Inglenook Brick Tile out of a passion for the timeless elegance and warmth that brick can bring to a home. We wanted a thin brick floor that would both endure the test of time and look like full-sized brick – the same as your home deserves. We always knew that we wanted to feature a brick floor in our own renovated home, which was once a historic woolen mill. However, we found we did not have the structural support under the sub-floor to hold up the weight of full-sized brick, nor was their space to lower the floor and accommodate a full-sized brick's height. 

For years, we searched for a durable brick veneer with an authentic, historic look. Finally, we decided to design and produce the brick veneer we wanted for ourselves. We began making brick tiles in our foyer, hand-pounding stoneware clay into plaster molds that we made of antique bricks. The resulting brick tile was beautiful, convincingly authentic and ruggedly strong. Our commitment to handmade and historic, yet timeless, building materials continues today with every tile we create.   

The Inglenook Promise:

Each Inglenook brick tile is unique and made by hand, using molds of antique bricks and pressing natural materials, like wood ash, onto the tiles. The tiles then dry on racks and fire in one of our kilns to create a vitrified, durable product. Inglenook Brick Tile, simply put, is the best, most authentic, durable and customizable thin brick tile on the market today.  

- Simple Installation: Our brick tiles are thin (either about 3/8" or 1/2" thick) and much lighter than a full-sized brick, allowing you to avoid costly changes to the load-bearing strength or level of the sub-floor for flooring or the addition of footers or other structural adjustments to support the weight of brick for your walls, chimneys or ceilings. 

- Durability: Inglenook brick tiles are designed from a high-fired clay body, making the tiles strong and their color steadfast. Successfully tested by the Tile Council of America for strength and resistance to freeze-thaw cycles, Inglenook brick tiles will stand the test of time inside or outside your home, for decades to come. By comparison, thin brick products made from sliced brick are brittle and porous – ill suited to stand up to the wear and tear of a busy family or business.

- Authenticity: Our hand-formed brick tiles are indistinguishable from antique brick. Our molds made from old, weathered bricks. Our use of natural clays and powders, and the fact that we make these tiles by hand means that every tile is unique. Your floor or wall will look like it has aged in place for many years.  We pledge to bring our handmade, durable tiles to you with the same attention to quality and authenticity that we demanded for our own home. 

Customer Testimonials

Explore the experiences of those who have already benefited from our thin brick tiles. Each testimonial is a testament to the quality and reliability we strive to deliver. These personal stories illustrate our dedication to outstanding customer service and showcase the practical benefits our customers experience. See for yourself!

"Inglenook was terrific! Julie created the exact look we were looking for and they look great in our home. I would definitely order from them again."

- John C.

"Inglenook Tile Design gave us the exact look we wanted. Their tiles are of the highest quality. They did an amazing job of customizing the tile to the look that we were going for."

- Nic B.

"Not only is the product absolutely beautiful, but it has also been a pleasure to work with such a professional and accommodating business. If you are searching for thin brick for your project, I highly recommend you choose Inglenook Tile Design."

- Leigh Ann Y.

"We had a great experience with Inglenook. Julie always answered my calls and my many questions. They made shipping to our doorstep very easy. I love the finished product; it’s one of my favorite pieces of our remodel."

- Kristin D.

"We could not be happier with our brick flooring from Inglenook.  The tiles gave us the perfect look for the mudroom floor in our 18th century house and Julie is a pleasure to deal with."

- John H.

"Excellent products and amazing customer service. I am a repeat customer and all orders have been exactly as expected. Packing and shipping went just fine. This company is great to work with!"

- Cynthia T.

"We have worked with Julie at Inglenook Tile for years; we use her tile in almost all of our custom homes because there is no better brick tile in the world than her product. If you are at all considering thin brick of any kind and are fed up with the fake looking options you are finding, please check her out! We love her tile and so do our clients."

- Stoltzfus Enterprises Ltd

"We search multiple companies for a thin brick tile to install in a sunroom. We had a recommendation for Inglenook and once they sent us their product with pricing, we placed the order. Julie was so sweet to work with and alway kept me in the loop. The floors turned out beautifully and our clients were extremely happy which is the ultimate goal."

- CHS Interiors


We’ve compiled the following information to explain a bit more about what makes Inglenook Brick tiles the perfect choice for your project. We also have tips for the installation process of our custom brick tiles and the products we recommend for our tiles.

Where can I see your brick tiles?

If you live in the mid-Atlantic area, you are welcome to make an appointment to visit our office in beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to see all our tiles. We are located about an hour and a half drive west of center city, Philadelphia, and the same distance north of Baltimore.

How many times will I see the same tile in my installation?

You will never see a repeating pattern. Each tile is unique, due to the many molds we have taken from antique bricks, and also due to the random surface decoration with different clay powders fired into the surface.

How can I get a sample?

We will gladly send you samples of our thin brick tiles! Call us so we can help you narrow down which tile samples might be the most helpful for you and your project. We will simply need a Visa, MasterCard or Amex number to pay for shipping and a $2 per sample tile charge.

Do the tiles come in sheets, or are they sold by the piece?

Our thin brick flooring tiles are sold by the square foot, and packed in boxes. They are installed individually, like most tiles and bricks. This allows for different patterns, like running bond, basket weave, herringbone, etc. Our decorative accent tiles and corner tiles are also sold by the piece.

Is it a tile, a brick, clay or ceramic?

We are all of the above! A tile is anything that is a form of thin cladding and it can be made of any material. Our tiles have a brick surface, and brick is made of clay. “Ceramic” is actually a broad category that covers many kinds of clay (porcelain, stoneware, earthenware, and terra cotta, to name a few) that are dug up from all over the world. Some people may call them a paver (although pavers are a little thicker), a tile, or a veneer – but they all are different words for the same thing. 

How do I find an installer?

Any tile installer or brick mason who is accustomed to installing unsealed stone or terrazzo will be at ease with our tiles. Depending on where you live, we can sometimes recommend specific mason contractors or home improvement and remodeling installers.

If you are installing brick flooring tile yourselves, we are happy to provide some tips.

How thick are the tiles?

We usually create our tiles 3/8" thick, however we can adjust to  1/2" thick upon request.

How do I cut the tiles?

A wet saw will cut the tiles cleanly.

How can I seal the tiles without getting a shiny surface?

A penetrating sealer is matte, and will invisibly protect your surface from stains. Some penetrating sealers are not color enhancing, and will not change the grout color. A color-enhancing penetrating sealer will darken some grouts noticeably, so pre-check this on a sample patch, before applying to the entire floor. Be sure to seal the grout, as well.

I have big dogs. How will my brick tile floor hold up?

Inglenook Tile brick flooring is very pet-friendly and pet-damage resistant. They've even been used by pet breeders in their puppy rooms! Our tiles are kiln fired to very high temperatures and become vitrified, making them very dense and strong. Our tiles have a rupture strength four times (4X) the American Standard for floor tile. They will not scratch, crumble, or break from foot pressure.

I have an existing doorway, with a wood floor on one side. How can I make sure I have a level surface transition from room to room?

Measure the distance from the top of your existing floor to the subfloor on the room you are tiling, to see how much depth you have available. Our tiles can be ordered either 3/8" or 1/2" thick. You will need to install any tile on a firm base, most typically cement board screwed to a plywood subfloor. There are different thicknesses of the cement board, but 1/2" is generally what is used for this purpose. Schulter Ditra, or Blanke Permat are also thinner options to use instead of cement board. That space, plus either the 3/8" or 1/2" for our tile, will determine which backer board you will use to make the transition into the next room.

How do I clean my brick tile floor?

Once sealed, your floor is easily cleaned and mopped. For routine cleaning, vacuum or sweep your brick tiles, as you would any other natural stone floor or wood floor. You may also occasionally damp mop with a mild soap solution and water, to prevent dirt from building up on your brick floor. Rinse well, and wipe dry for greater sheen. Avoid cleaning brick tiles with acids, strong soaps, or abrasives. While it will not harm the tiles, it may affect the sealer.

Please note: Before cleaning with water, first, seal tiles. Unsealed brick tiles are porous.

How can I get a smooth, shiny surface on my thin brick tiles?

Select a sealer that will coat the top of the tiles. Usually several coats are used.

How do I place my brick tile order with Inglenook Tile Design?

Call us to place your brick tile order. Because each tile is made to your specifications, we want to make sure we have answered all your questions first.