White Wash Tiles

Brick tiles with a white finish are on trend for interiors and exteriors. We can help you select the right color combination for your project.

Reeding House

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White Washed Bricks

One of the most popular color mixes we make is the white washed bricks. They can be made with either a brick white porcelain clay or an off-white clay that is fired into the red brick clay. We have called this Savannah in the past, but it has evolved into more than just the plain white with the red. We found that using wood ashes with the white gives more background tonal variety, and ages them. So now, most of the Savannah mix orders have wood ashes in them, too.

Then we had customers who wanted a more creamy off-white, so we also added clay powders of other white clays that are not as bright white as the porcelain. We usually add wood ashes to those tiles, also. The way they are sealed will change them slightly, also. This is something we often talk about on the phone, but the off-white tends to become more buff, and the bright white stays whiter, although it takes the color down a notch.

We can add more of the white powdered clay to the red clay base to achieve more white on your tiles, but there is some of the red always showing through. We can also add less white so that more red shows. We can customize depending on what you prefer.