Sealers & Grouts

Enhance the durability and appearance of your tiles with our expertly selected products. Whether you are renovating your home or handling a large-scale commercial project, we have the right solutions for you. Explore our categories and choose the best fit for your needs.

Reeding House

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Protect and perfect your tiles with our range of high-quality sealers:

  • AquaMix: Diverse sealing solutions for tile protection. Call 877-278-2311 or find a dealer near you.
    • Enrich 'N Seal: Ideal for a darker, non-reflective finish. Once applied, it bonds strongly with your tiles, ensuring long-lasting protection.
    • Sealers Choice Gold: Maintain the natural look of your tiles with this premium, water-based sealer.
    • High Gloss Floor Shine and Hardener: Add a brilliant shine over Sealers Choice Gold with this high gloss option.
    • Seal and Finish, Low Sheen: Achieve a subtle elegance with this low gloss finish.
  • TileLab: Explore TileLab for innovative sealing solutions that preserve your tile's true color:
    • Surfaceguard Penetrating Sealer: Keeps your tiles' natural look intact.
    • Matte Sealer and Finish: Apply multiple coats for a customized, low gloss effect.
    • High Gloss Sealer and Finish: For a vibrant shine that lasts.
  • Paste Wax: Enhance the depth and beauty of your tiles with easy-to-apply paste wax.

Grout Solutions

Select from our high-quality grout options for a flawless finish:

  • PolyBlend: Available in a variety of colors, this sanded grout is perfect for filling and complementing your tile work.
  • LimeWorks.US: Custom, historic lime orders, some with oyster shells and slag fleck.
  • There are multiple companies that make grouts, just make sure they are sanded.


Ensure strong and durable tile installation with our adhesive selections:

  • Laticrete #254 Platinum: Our top-tier thin-set mortar for unmatched quality. Plenty of grip for your wall installations.
  • Laticrete #255 Multimax: Optimal for ceilings, ensuring maximum adhesion.
  • Latricrete Gold: Suitable for floors.
  • There are many thin sets that are perfectly acceptable for use with our tiles. We differ that decision to your installer. Many have favorite products.

Note on Inglenook Brick Tiles

Our Inglenook brick tiles feature natural color variations and textures to create an authentic, antique look. These characteristics are inherent to their quality and design, adding to their unique charm.

Warranty and Customer Care

We stand behind the quality of our products with a limited warranty. Please inspect your shipment upon arrival and report any issues within seven days. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Custom Solutions

Planning a major project? We can assist with custom molds, colors, or patterns tailored to your specifications. Contact us today to discuss your unique requirements!