Custom Brick & Decorative Accent Tiles

Frequently, customers will often share with us special items that they would like to impress into a few of the tiles we produce for them - to add a custom and personal touch. We also have an assortment of decorative accent tiles available at Inglenook Tile Design.

Reeding House

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Decorative Accent Tiles

At Inglenook Tile Design, we offer a stunning selection of decorative accent tiles and specialize in custom designs and sculptures. Our offerings include:

  • Pressed ferns or other plant designs
  • Stamped impressions of paw prints or footprints
  • Custom impressions featuring words, names, or dates
  • Special keystones for arches
  • Relief portraits

If you can envision it, we can likely create it for you! Take a look at some of the unique designs we've customized for our clients.


This cow accent floor tile was created from a family heirloom, owned by our customer, Mrs. Haring. The butter mold was passed down to her from her grandmother. We made a mold of the wooden form, and then created a special tile for the Harings. Note that we placed the image in a "window," so that the high points of the relief would still be at the level of the rest of the floor. That way there was no tripping hazard.


The Blume family has two adorable terriers, and they made an impression of their pets' paw prints for us. We then made a stamp from the molds, and pressed it into wet tiles. The Blumes wanted it to look as if the dogs were dancing around their food dishes. We have done this many times, with pets, but also footprints of small children. We can also stamp special names and/or dates into the tiles. The words are very small, and subtle. A favorite request is for names of children, or grandchildren, to be impressed upon the tiles. Engraved bricks help preserve family heritage.